August 30th - September 11th, 2021

Mission: "Digitalization of the mobility transition at your fingertips"

Digitization changes existing business areas and creates new ones:
competition at the intersection of digitization, sustainability and mobility

Here you can find this year's subject areas

Rapid prototyping and open innovation:
development of functioning prototypes within two weeks by professional developers thanks to excellent curation

Here is the procedure

Results-oriented marketing:
prominent presentation of sponsors and results as part of the IAA Summit

More information can be found here

Intensive exchange on an expert basis: communication and networking with the public, science, politics and industry representatives as part of the IAA 2021 Summit

→ The IAA #mobilitython is the mobility industry's new forum

#mobilitython - Benefit

The IAA Mobilitython 2021 as a new format of the IAA in the center of attention of press, target groups and the entire public: Open Innovation!

  • The IAA Mobilitython 2021 as the implementation platform for the parallel conference of the IAA MOBILITY 2021 and thus the perfect stage for visionaries of the mobility industry.

  • The IAA Mobilitython not only as a classic advertising space but also for innovative positioning

  • IAA Mobilitython as a flagship and assessment center for skilled workers as well as interdisciplinary digital specialists (speed dating/place to get to know each other)

  • IAA Mobilitython as direct exchange and networking with companies, politics and civil society

How to get your Challenge on the IAA Mobilitython

You can bring your own challenges into the competition. For the challenges, test data within the own network (e.g. company) is analyzed.


01_ Task for sponsor and organizer (two videoconferences of 1h each)

  • Identification of possible issues from your own company

  • Provision of own data to solve the challenges

02_ Tasks of the organizer

  • If necessary, preparation and design of the specific challenge

  • Communication of the challenge in social media and on the homepage to attract participants

03_ Tasks of the organizer

  • Moderation of the virtual participant space "" before and during the Mobilitython

  • Supervision of the implementation of the challenge with suitable teams