You want to participate?

The IAA Mobiltython will be hybrid:

  • The Mobilitython is a hybrid event.

  • Registration is completely free!

  • The Mobilitython will start virtually on 30.08.2021. From 07.09. to 12.09.2021 you can (!) continue physically free of charge to the IAA Mobility Summit at our booth.

  • You can still apply after 30.08.2021, but of course your working time will be shortened then: Finals will be at the 11th of September 2021 on the IAA Main Stage.

  • 10 teams of five people each may participate, whereby - depending on the respective regulations - at least 2 members per team will be granted free access to the IAA Mobilitython (on-site).

  • Teams can also participate completely virtually.

  • Communication with other team members and other participating teams will take place in a separate infrastructure ( (off-site).

#mobilitython - Topics

Challenge Smart City IoT would like to know how bicycles can communicate with each other and how applications can be set up via automated fall detection, e.g. smart health or theft insurance. What functions can be created, for example, for handbikes of wheelchair users that lead to more inclusion? You like #business plans or are the #IoT guy, like #bikes and wonder how the same could also communicate intelligently with each other? A big challenge for apps in bikes far beyond a GPS tracker.

Challenge Rural Area

Do you have ideas for optimized route planning in rural areas without cars for everyone? asks what such inclusive route planning also looks like for people with mobility impairments, e.g. by taking into account #wheelchair transport or barrier-free mobility to the senior residence in rural areas?