What is a developer contest?

Developer competitions are also called hackathons.

A hackathon is a portmanteau of "hacking" and "marathon".

In a hackathon, you intentionally set yourself a limited amount of time: a usable program code is to be created within a few hours or days - an exhausting sprint in the development of applications.

Hackathons follow a certain theme, e.g. rural mobility, which in turn influences the participants. For example, developer conferences exist for specific types of applications (mobile apps, web apps, etc.), for a specific programming language, for the API of a specific service (Facebook, Google), or simply for an overarching theme (open government, accessibility, and more).

Some hackathons also do without a thematic limitation: the teams can then give their creativity complete free rein.

Participants are interdisciplinary and do not have to be software developers only.

Bewirb dich noch heute für die Teilnahme am Mobilitython!

Teilnehmen können Einzelpersonen und Gruppen. Du liebst BizDev oder Recht? Dann bist Du ebenfalls willkommen: Coding-Kenntnisse sind nicht zwingend erforderlich!

  • Free registration

  • Access to the IAA

  • Prize money worth €15,000