What challenges will there be at the mobilitython?

Rural areas and smart city

Challenge Proposals:

  • What does intelligent car-sharing look like in region xyz?

  • How can different forms of mobility be combined smartly and economically in the region XYZ?

  • OEM XYZ needs a tool for fleet management and third-party integration.

Alternative drives

Challenge Proposals:

  • Track & Trace Synthetic Fuels

  • Sustainability calculator for evaluating different mobility forms and vehicle models

  • Optimization tool for efficient planning of hydrogen infrastructure

  • Mobility to Grid app to avoid extensive grid expansion in the low-voltage grid due to increasing share of e-vehicles

How does a challenge look like? Can you show an example?

Challenge: Build a demonstrator prototype for cross-border infrastructure planning of e-mobility charging stations


No cross-border planning exists in the franco-german border region nowadays, despite a strong will to cooperate on mobility issues and a high number of daily commuters in the region (Saarland – Grand Est).

Joint planning can help local municipalities to:

  • Choose the optimal location of charging stations on both sides of the border responding to the mobility behavior of the local public

  • Ensure interoperability

  • Avoid stranded investments (e.g. doubling infrastructure on both sides of the border/ placing charging stations where there are not needed)

  • Set the minimum technical rules on the infrastructure deployment (consider the technical options available for the charging infrastructures within the planning. In particular, the power capacity of the charging stations is a crucial point and should vary according to the charging needs)


  • Develop a prototype for a joint infrastructure planning approach taking into account as much as possible all kind of charging stations (public, semi-public, companies, residential):

  • State of the art (infrastructures and electric vehicles in the region).

  • Development of a common cross-border charging infrastructure deployment tool via cooperation between cross-border actors.